For every transaction you make using fiat, there's an opportunity to start onboarding more bitcoiners.

You can help the local business you already love and support to adopt a better savings and payments network.

You'll benefit by creating a bitcoin economy for your daily needs, and the merchant will have the security of a superior asset in their balance sheet.

Be patient, friendly, and recognize that a lot of merchants are not ready for the switch yet, but we have to start somewhere.

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Edit and make it your own
  1. Edit the Figma project and download both sides
  2. Merge both PDFs
  3. Print 2 sides (duplex) on the long side.
  4. Fold in 3 using the lines on the front
  5. Trim excess for a more refined look (optional)

Download print ready PDF

Language Country Wallet PDF
English Muun Download
English Bluewallet Download
Mandarin Muun Download
Mandarin Bluewallet Download
Japanese Muun Download
Japanese Bluewallet Download
English Muun Download
English Bluewallet Download
English Muun Download
French Muun Download
French WoS Download
German Muun Download
Italian Muun Download
Spanish Bitcoin Beach Download
Dutch Muun Download
Finnish Breez Download
English Bluewallet Download
Icelandic Bluewallet Download
Slovak Phoenix Download
Greek Muun Download
Slovak Phoenix Download
Czech Phoenix Download
Czech WoS Download
Português Muun Download
French n/a Download
Spanish Muun Download
Português Muun Download
Português Bluewallet Download
Polish Muun Download
English Muun Download

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